Test 5
1.1 knew that I ... her somewhere before.
a) saw c) would see
b) had seen d) has seen
2. When I finally found the house, I knocked at the door but ... the answer.
a) don't hear c) didn't hear
b) hasn't heard d) heard
3. I went out into the garden to fetch my bike, but found that someone ... it.
a) stole it c) has stolen
b) would steal d) had stolen
4. When I... for the keys, I remembered that I had left them at home.
a) looked c) had been looking
b) was looking d) look
5.1 have been working for the bank for a year already, but I ... to change my job.
a) decided c) has decided
b) have decided d) decide
6. They spoke so quickly that I ... what they were speaking about.
a) not understand c) didn't understand
b) don't understand d) hadn't understood
7. Yesterday our flight ... because of the fog.
a) cancelled c) had been cancelled
b) was cancelled d) has been cancelled
8.1 couldn't open the office door because someone ... it.
a) lock c) had locked
b)locked d)would lock
9. As soon as you ... me, I will contact you.
a) calls c) called
b) will call d) call
10.1 ... him since he started working here.
a) have never trusted c) trusted
b) had never trusted d) trust
11. Mary will be ready soon. She ... coffee at the moment.
a) has c) was having
b) have d) is having
12. If we ... late for the class, our teacher will be angry with us.
a) is c) will be
b) were d) are
13. We ... in the sunshine for about half an hour when I suddenly felt sick.
a) have been sitting c) sat
b) were sitting d) had been sitting
14. We were disappointed as the film was ... than we expected.
a) entertaining c) most entertaining
b) less entertaining d) entertaining
15. We usually ask our teacher to explain ... difficult problems to us.
a) the c) a
b) - d) this
16. Playing ... guitar is an interesting hobby.
a) - c) the
b) a d) mine
17. Our city is famous for ... beautiful ancient buildings.
a) its c) it's
b) it d) his
18. Her hair is long and fair. Everybody admires ... .
a) them c) they
b) it d) its
19. You are very good ... dealing with people.
a) in c) on
b) at d) about
20. Last summer our neighbours decided to drive to Scotland ... a short holiday.
a) at c) on
b) to d) for
Test 6
1. When the light ... I was sitting in the armchair reading a book.
a) goes out c) go out
b) had gone out d) went out
2. I thought I ... this film before, but I hadn't.
a) saw c) had seen
b) seen d) have seen
3. Why haven't you brought me the letters for signature? ... them yet?
a) Don't you type c) Haven't you typed
b) Didn't you type d) Will you type
4. She wasn't sure whether she ... the door of her flat.
a) locked c) had locked
b) has locked d) didn't lock
5.1... my homework all morning and haven't finished it yet.
a) am doing c) have been doing
b) do d) did
6. The inspector suspected that the thief ... a special key for opening this door.
a) uses c) had used
b) has used d) will use
7. I was very tired. When I ... to bed, I fell asleep immediately.
a) got c) had got
b) has got d) will get
8. The Vikings ... to North America a thousand years ago.
a) sail c) had sailed
b) sailed d) have sailed
9. Thank you for your offer, but I ... not to accept it.
a) decide c) have decided
b) has decided d) decided
10. You ... through your old photograph album for half an hour already.
a) look c) have looked
b) are looking d) have been looking
11. Nobody knows where his picture is. Perhaps, it ... .
a) was stolen c) has been stolen
b) will be stolen d) stolen
12. I agree. You ... apologize for not inviting him to your birthday party.
a) can't c) shouldn't
b) mustn't d) may not
13. Actually, today I feel ... than I did yesterday.
a) bad c) worst
b) worse d) the worst
14. ... people who are unemployed often feel depressed.
a) The с) А
b) - d) That
15. Who was the first astronaut who landed on ... Moon?
a) the с) а
b) - d) those
16. What happened at the end of the film? - I'm sorry to say, but I haven't seen ... film.
a) a c) -
b) the d) those
17. This is ... interesting exhibition I've ever visited.
a) more c) less
b) most d) the most
18. Would you mind waiting ... minutes?
a) few c) little
b) a few d) a little
19. I'm ... interested in languages than in mathematics,
a) much c) little
b) many d) less
20. The students often translate English texts ... Russian.
a) to c) into
b)in d) on

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