Complete the sentences with the right word : many, much, little, a little, few, a few. (7 points max.)
When I studied at school I had to work hard. I did not have 1 talents and had to spend all my time on studies. I knew 2 about maths or physics, but was naturally talented in spelling. 3 pupils in my class were as good as I was at writing dictations. One day I said to myself, ‘If I get As in maths and physics, I’ll come top of the class.’ To reach the goal I began to work even harder. I spent 4 hours reading and doing exercises. ‘You should give yourself 5 rest,’ my mother used to say, ‘you will end up in hospital if you do not go out for a walk once in a while.’ But I said to myself, ‘Knowledge is power, and I want to be powerful.’ In 6 months I made so 7 progress that all the teachers agreed I should be awarded ‘Top of the Class’ badge.


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