Английский язык в профессиональной деятельности.ои (1.2) тест с ответами Синергия/МОИ/ МТИ

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МФПУ Синергия / Московский открытый институт (МОИ) / Московский технологический институт (МТИ) / МОСАП
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53 вопроса с ответами

Последний раз тест был сдан на 100 баллов из 100 "Отлично".

Год сдачи -2017-2022.

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1. We … to the theatre tonight.


*are going

*have gone

*is going

*will going

2. Our party has been fixed … next Saturday.






3. I don’t allow … to take my calculator.



*not anybody



4. Are you going to have … work to do tomorrow?






5. Our new TV-set came with a … on all electrical component

*ninety-days warranty

*ninetieth-day warranty

*ninety-day warranty

*ninety-dayed warranty

*ninety-daying warranty

6. Did you go … yesterday?





*no anywhere

7. Why isn’t the new model … reliable as the old one?






8. Shall I answer … the letters now?





* –

9. … of them told me to come.






10. At the hotel there were neither showers … bath tubs.






11. Here you are! We … about you for an hour.

*had talked

*have been talking

*will be talking

*are talking

*is talking

12. He didn’t blame me … anything.






13. He hardly … any work.

*doesn’t do

*don’t do



*had done

14. She told me … tomorrow as she wouldn’t be there.

*not to came

*won’t come

*didn’t come

*not will come

*not to come

15. I saw him last week, but I … since then.




*didn’t see

*haven’t seen

16. He asked me … to make all the necessary calls.

*not to forget

*don’t forget

*to forget

*didn’t forget

*not forget

17. Young people talk very loudly, … makes their parents mad.






19. If you … me about it earlier, I will help you straight away.



*will tell

*have told

*had told

20. I … hardly recognize him when I saw him.





*is able

21. Could you make him … singing?

*to stop




*being stopped

22. Throughout history several metals … as commodity money, including copper and iron.

*was used

*is used

*is been used

*are been used

*were used

23. Why does he look so … ?




*having worried

*is worried

24. Nobody wanted to go … .






25. … our success depend on all these changes?






26. Could you tell me … about this writer’s life?






27. They didn’t have time to come to see you, …?

*didn’t they

*don’t they

*did they

*do they

*will they

28. I wonder if he … in time or not.

*will come


*was coming


*will be come

29. I am right, …?

*wasn’t I

*aren’t I

*weren’t I

*am I

*amn’t I

30. An average family has … children now than before the war.





*a bit

31. No news … good news.






32. Let them … the letter.



*to answer


*will answer

33. The train will already have left … the time we come to the station.






34. I think Peter is cross … me.






35. … and don’t go out in this raining weather when you have the flu.

*Not reasonable

*Is reasonable

*Don’t reasonable


*Be reasonable

36. Have you travelled … ?



*a few



37. Please, tell your son …

*not to go out

*doesn’t go out

*didn’t go out

*not went out

*not will go out

38. He … he liked the city.






39. “He … to make the journey!” “What’s a pity!”

*isn’t able

*doesn’t able


*won’t able

*won’t be able

40. Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith don’t speak to … . They had had an arrangement yesterday.

*the other



*the others

*each other

41. I hope it … for you to listen to him.

*will interesting

*will interest

*will be interesting

*will is interesting


42. When I went into the cinema, a new film … .

*was shown

*is being shown

*was being shown

*were being shown


43. Don’t let the children … too much ice cream.

*to eat



*have eaten


44. Hundreds of house and … buildings have been destroyed by the tropical storm.






45. Where did you buy this watch. The watch … very good.




* is


46. What will you do if he …?

*will late

*is late

*will be late

*was late

*are late

47. Nothing could make him … this advice.


*to follow

*was followed



48. If you want to pack many things, take … suitcase.






49. Yesterday was the … day in my life.



*more happiest

*much more happiest

*a happy

50. World War II is known … the most cruel in history.




*to was

*to be

51. The boy … the letter, if you had given it to him yesterday.

*would send

*would sent

*will send

*will be sent

*would have sent

52. I’d rather … English.

*to speak


*will speak



53. You should tell … me the truth.






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